7up Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist

There are just three real rivals for refreshingly effervescent citrus drinks in the market. When Sierra Mist, Sprite, and 7UP are all on the shelves of most stores, it can be difficult to establish a distinct preference. They all compete against Coke, which has a perfectly balanced recipe.

So, is Sierra Mist like Sprite, or is it very different? Only Sierra Mist is completely sweetened with real sugar and is thought to have the most natural flavor when compared to Sprite, 7UP, and 7UP. So, is Sierra Mist similar to Sprite or is it somewhat dissimilar? Only Sierra Mist is completely sweetened with real sugar and is thought to have the most natural flavor when compared to Sprite, 7UP, and 7UP.

However, many people find Sierra Mist is too sweet and prefer 7UP’s more zingy flavor instead. Sprite’s sweetness and taste are in the middle of the two. What this means is, is one drink healthier than the others?


In our guide, you can find the difference between Sprite Vs. 7 Up and the Sierra Mist taste and how healthy they are. By the end, you should understand which drink isn’t as unhealthy as the others and which you may prefer the taste of. (Read Sweet And Sour Chicken Vs Orange Chicken Guide)

What Is 7UP?

Of the three beverages we are evaluating today, 7UP soft drink is the oldest. “Refresh yourself with an Original 7UP with 100% natural flavors and its distinctive lemon-lime flavor,” the makers encourage us.

7UP is thought to be the first sparkling citrus drink and has a lengthy and original history. This American soft drink’s original brand was 7Up, initially named “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda,” containing lithium citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug, when it was first produced in 1929.

People who prefer to avoid drinking caffeinated soft beverages like Coca-Cola find this lemon & lime soda popular. Keurig Dr. Pepper is the owner of the 7UP lemon & lime sodas brand, and PepsiCo distributes it.

The original 7UP beverage is offered in a variety of bottle sizes, as well as micro and regular-sized cans. Usually, it is poured over ice and served chilled straight from the can or bottle.

What Is Sprite?

Like 7UP, Sprite is a fizzy drink brand with a citrus flavor that an American company owns. It was developed in 1961 with the intention of going head-to-head against the perennially well-liked 7UP drink and is currently owned and sold by The Coca-Cola Company.

Sprite is available in a variety of flavors, but the lemon-lime kind has traditionally been the most popular. It can be purchased in various bottle sizes and in regular and tiny cans. “Original Sprite, the flavor that started it all—classic, cold, crisp lemon-lime taste that’s caffeine-free with 100% natural flavors,” proclaim the Sprite manufacturers.

In addition, it is worth noting that Sprite never included the mood-stabilizing drug from other drinks, so some people prefer Sprite when they see this. Best served chilled, either directly from the container or poured over ice, this drink is crisp and energizing. (Learn How Long Do Deviled Eggs Last)

What Is Sierra Mist?

So, is Sierra Mist similar to Sprite or is it somewhat dissimilar? Only Sierra Mist is completely sweetened with real sugar and is thought to have the most natural flavor when compared to Sprite, 7UP, and 7UP. However, many people find Sierra Mist is too sweet and prefer 7UP’s more zingy flavor instead. 

The popularity of this carbonated citrus drink grew quickly. It was briefly marketed as “Mist Twist,” but in 2018, it returned to Sierra Mist. Sierra Mist refreshing lemon-lime soda is made with real sugar and a caffeine-free formula to produce a tasty beverage. Recipe that is free of caffeine” is how the drink’s producers describe this tasty libation.

Sierra Mist is meant to be served chilled, ideally over ice, just like the other citrus-flavored, carbonated soda drinks we are comparing today.

Sierra Mist Vs Sprite Vs 7UP Comparison


These three sodas have similar bases, making it hard to compare their flavors. These flavorings are unknown, and manufacturers don’t reveal natural flavorings.

7UP’s slightly salty aftertaste and zingy flavor can turn some people off, while others enjoy it! Salt and citrus flavors (think margaritas) go nicely together if balanced with sweetness. 7UP has a stronger lime flavor than Sprite, which is smoother.

Sierra Mist has a more natural flavor than its competitors, which are typically described as chemical.


All three are carbonated, meaning they contain high-pressure carbon dioxide dissolved under high pressure. This carbon dioxide releases tiny bubbles when the bottle or can is opened.

But is one citrus soda drink fizzier than another?

Sprite and 7UP are fizzier than Sierra Mist, with bigger bubbles that remain longer. Sierra Mist is pleasantly fizzy and bubbly, and now people prefer a less gassy carbonated drink.


The nutrition information for our three citrus soda drinks shows similar sugar amounts.

Why is 7UP less sweet than the other two? 7UP’s sweetness may be offset by its saltiness or high fructose corn syrup flavor. Sprite has sugar and sweeteners, which may explain the difference.

Sierra Mist has a milder flavor and sits in the middle for sweetness.


soda drinks

Many are rightly concerned about the health risks of drinking soft drinks. These drinks have lots of sugar and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Due to concerns over high fructose corn syrup, some drinks now say “made with real sugar.”

Aspartame avoidance in artificial sweeteners is increasing.

Which nutritionally wins?

7UP Ingredients

  • Original 7UP contains:
  • Filtered Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA to help protect flavor

Sprite Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sodium Benzoate to help protect the taste

Sierra Mist Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sugar
  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Benzoate preserves freshness
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA helps protect flavor

Which Drink Is Healthiest?

Unless you drink a sugar-free carbonated drink, nutritional experts advise against drinking more than one can daily. Sierra Mist has the highest sugar content of the three drinks. It has slightly less sugar than the other two and no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame.

Other than this, the three drinks are nutritionally similar. They’re all flavored with natural flavorings, but makers don’t have to say what. Spite has the most artificial preservatives so it will last longer. (Learn How Long Does Goat Cheese Last)

Why is 7 Up called 7 Up?

Many factors contribute to the number 7 Up. But the precise reason is still a mystery. It is a combination of the following theories:

A soda called 7 UP is made with these seven components:

  1. Carbonated Water
  2. Sugar
  3. Citric Acid
  4. Sodium Citrate
  5. The essence of lemon oils
  6. The essence of lime flavors
  7. Lithium Citrate

Grigg, the creator of the drink, thought up this name while rooting on sevens in a Craps game.

Although it isn’t, 7Up’s pH level was once considered higher than seven. The original packaging for this soda was a 7-ounce bottle.

Lithium is mentioned in the reference for 7up. Its atomic mass is around 7. Up is used to improve one’s mood.

Is Sprite or 7 Up better for an upset stomach?

Both Sprite and 7 Up are soft drinks in the soda drink category. Sprite is fizzier and has the potential to provide rapid relief for your stomach problem.

In addition, because of its composition of necessary electrolytes, 7-Up has the ability to calm an upset stomach. Despite this, the alleviation brought on by either of these drinks will only be momentary.

Can you still buy 7 Up?

7 Up is the lemon-lime soda brand that has been around the oldest. The worldwide soft drink business is becoming increasingly difficult for 7 Up to maintain its dominant position against the Sprite brand and Mountain Dew.

However, 7 Up can still be purchased in various parts of the country.

What is the red dot on 7 Up?

The red dot on 7 Up represents the red-eye.

Is Sprite good for vomiting?

You might try drinking some clear, non-caffeinated sodas if you feel like throwing up. You could find that Sprite is a helpful alternative for you in some circumstances.

Sprite bottle

What does 7 Up taste like?

7 Up has a tangy lemon-lime flavor and tastes bitter.

Who invented 7 Up?

Charles Leiper Grigg, the founder of a corporation with its headquarters in St. Louis called The Howdy Corporation, came up with the idea for 7 Up, a lemon and lime flavor of soft drink soda. Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was the original name for 7 Up when it was first introduced.

Is it bad to drink Sprite while being sick?

Depending on the situation, drinking Sprite when ill isn’t necessarily harmful.

Sprite’s lemon and lime flavors in the recipe are hydrating. In some instances, it could aid in the healing process after an illness. Additionally, it might serve as a substitute source of liquids, sugar, and vitamins.

What’s the difference between Sprite and 7Up to be better?

Both drinks have various salts and preservatives added. The primary difference between 7 Up (Coca-Cola Company) and Sprite is the usage of potassium-salt formula in the former and sodium-salt formula in the later.

Choose Sprite if you prefer a stronger drink, but Coca-Cola 7 Up if you prefer a more natural flavor, or even choose Mountain Dew.

Which Is The Winner?

Most citrus soda lovers will have a clear favorite so that this argument may last a lifetime!

Which of the three products, though, should you choose if you’re new to the world of these popular carbonated drinks?

Although it’s a difficult decision, many consumers concur that Sierra Mist lemon & lime soda has the advantage.

Compared to other soft beverages, the flavor is more natural and has a less chemical tang.

You may also find Mountain Dew also falls into this as it isn’t too gassy or chemical tasting like other carbonated drinks with a lemon and lime flavor offering a sweeter taste.


Compared to its competitors, the flavor is more natural and has a less chemical tang. It is also sweetened with natural sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

Give 7UP or Mountain Dew a try, though, if you’d like to have a less sweet drink with a stronger flavor. The sweetness is expertly balanced with a zingy, salty aftertaste and that unmistakable lemon-lime flavor. (“Sierra Mist Vs Sprite Vs 7UP — What’s The Difference?”)

And in the middle of these two extremes, there is Sprite, which is among the top brands in the world for a reason. For many aficionados of citrus soda drinks, Sprite ticks all the boxes, so if you’re searching for a new beverage to try, don’t discount it.

For a punchier flavor, try mountain dew, etc.

7up Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist

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