Can Fondant Be Refrigerated

There is something about fondant cakes that makes them look more gorgeous than cakes made of simple icing. Not only do they look beautifully and elegantly decorated, but they also look yummy. But unlike other icings, fondant doesn’t entirely store well and can be sensitive to moisture and cold temperature.

Whether you’re a newbie baker who created an overwhelming batch of fondant or someone who recently purchased a fondant cake, here’s everything you need to know about storing fondant properly to keep it fresh.

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What is Fondant?

Before we discuss the proper ways of storing fondant, let’s first talk about this type of icing.

Fondant is an icing used to coat cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods. It is usually rolled into thin sheets and then draped over the cake to make a smooth presentation. Because it’s a versatile icing, it can be molded into three-dimensional decors and be customized with numerous food coloring and flavorings depending on your liking.

While they may look more like a decoration, fondant is 100% edible. It is made of sugar, water, and corn syrup that is safe to be eaten.

It’s important to know that before you apply any fondant, your cake should be lightly covered with buttercream icing or glaze to create a smooth surface. This will allow the fondant to stick more to the cake. (Read What Can I Use Instead Of Freezer Paper)

Different Kinds of Fondant

There are four different kinds of fondant you should know:

Rolled Fondant

The most common type, rolled fondant, looks like a smooth dough often wrapped on the cake to cover them. They are also usually cut into different shapes and strips as decoration.

Pour Fondant

Unlike rolled, pour fondant is typically creamy and comes in liquid form. It is often used as a filling or coating for cakes and other pastries. Since it’s creamy, it makes a lovely glaze for cakes and cupcakes.

Sculpting Fondant

Based on its name, a sculpting fondant is usually stiff, which makes them perfect for creating busts and other sculptures. While you can liken it to a rolled fondant, it is generally more rigid and used for more oversized decorations such as bride and groom toppers.

Gumpaste Fondant

This rolled fondant is stiffer when wholly dried and is typically used to create decorations such as flowers and other sculptures. It is also more durable than rolled, so you don’t have to worry if it will be easily torn.

Can You Refrigerate Fondant?

Yes, you can refrigerate fondant, but we don’t recommend it. Whether it’s a fondant icing or a fondant cake, it’s best to be left at room temperature to avoid condensation.

Since fondant needs to be at room temperature, you shouldn’t use fillings that might spoil, such as fresh fruit, cream cheese, and mousse; this way, all you have to think about is keeping your fondant fresh and safe.

fondant cake inside a refrigerator

How to Store Fondant Cake

If it’s your first time making or purchasing a fondant cake, you should store it in the best way possible. Don’t sweat it; here are some steps to keeping a fondant cake:

Leave it by the counter

As mentioned, the best way to store a fondant cake is to leave it on your kitchen counter. Fondant cakes can last up to three days without being refrigerated as long as it’s away from direct sunlight and from any appliances that give off heat, such as a stove or oven. 

The ideal temperature to store a fondant cake is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Remember that your greatest enemy when storing a fondant is humidity since the fondant will start sweating if the environment is too humid.

Store it in the fridge

Storing fondant cakes in the fridge is only necessary if the cakes have perishable fillings inside. Remember that if you plan to keep the cake inside the refrigerator, it should be covered with plastic wrap or placed inside a box or an airtight container to protect it from cold air.

Since the cake is refrigerated, it will also have a long shelf life. For instance, fondant-covered cakes can last up to four days, and those with perishable fillings can last for a few days.

Keep it in the freezer

Storing fondant cake in a freezer is usually done if you plan to keep the cake for weeks, months, and even up to a year. However, it would be best if you thawed frozen fondant cakes slowly, so make sure that you leave them in the refrigerator overnight rather than leaving them on the countertop. (Read Does Crisco Shortening Go Bad)

How to Store Fondant Cake Toppers

Besides fondant cakes, fondant decorations are also popular among bakers and customers. We know how gorgeous these decorations can be, so it’s understandable if you want to keep them longer.

Here’s where you can safely store fondant toppers to preserve them:

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wraps are a great way to protect your fondant decorations from moisture.

Tray or Plate

You can also place the cake topper on a tray or plate to protect it before covering it with plastic wrap.

Airtight Container

You can never go wrong with airtight containers. You can stack your cake toppers inside, but make sure you place tissue paper between them to avoid sticking to each other.

Ziploc Bag

Ziploc bag also makes great storage for keeping fondant decors. You can individually store every cake topper and place them in the refrigerator.

Reminders When Storing Fondant

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Keep in mind these things when storing a fondant:

  • You can store your leftover fondant from decorating for up to two months.
  • Before rolling it, brush your surface with vegetable shortening or dust it with equal parts confectioner’s sugar and cornstarch.
  • When storing, knead your fondant first until it’s soft before rolling. You can add a little confectioner’s sugar if it becomes too soft or sticky.
  • Use plastic wrap to cover your fondant or place it inside a ziploc bag or an airtight container.
  • Store your fondant at room temperature and not in a humid climate. 
  • When storing flavored fondants, you should cover it with a thin layer of shortening, then cover it with plastic wrap before placing it in an airtight container.
  • As for quick pour fondants, you should use them immediately. However, if you plan to keep it longer, it can be refrigerated for several weeks and reheated before pouring it again.
  • Don’t store your leftover fondant inside the refrigerator or freezer to avoid drying it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can fondant cake sit out overnight?

Yes, a fondant cake can sit out overnight on your countertop—no need to refrigerate it. We only recommend fondant cakes with perishable fillings be refrigerated.

Can I make a fondant cake in advance?

If you’re making a fondant cake for an event, you can make it a day or two before the event. Going beyond it puts your fondant cake at risk. As for the actual fondant, you can make it up to five weeks in advance and safely use it on the cake. Ensure the fondant is stored in a Ziploc or airtight container and left at room temperature.

Can lighting alter fondant colors?

Yes. Sunlight and fluorescent lighting can alter fondant colors, so ensure that your fondant icing or fondant-covered cake is stored in a box and keep it away from sunlight as much as possible.

How do I keep a fondant cake fresh?

The best you can do is to place the fondant cake in a cake box with a cling wrap and leave it on the countertop.

What is the best way to store fondant cake in humid weather?

If you live in a tropical area or it’s summer season, you can place them inside a refrigerator. The humid weather can make the fondant sweat. (Read Can You Put Tequila In The Freezer)

Does fondant get hard when placed in the refrigerator?

Yes, fondant hardens when inside a refrigerator. It’s best to let it thaw first after taking it out to ensure you won’t lose its consistency.

How do you fix condensation on a fondant cake?

Use a paper towel to blot any moisture, so it doesn’t do any more damage to the cake. You can also dust the wet areas with a thin layer of corn flour or icing sugar. You may also place the cake in front of an air conditioner to dry out the moisture.

Final Thoughts

Fondant cakes are all beautiful and delectable, but they require proper storage to make the most out of them. Whether you’re a baker or a customer, it’s essential to know how to properly store your fondant cakes, leftover fondants, and fondant decorations so you won’t waste them.

As long as they’re kept inside a cake box, stored at room temperature, and away from direct sunlight, your fondant cakes will be safe for extended use.

Can Fondant Be Refrigerated

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