Can You Freeze Soda

Soda, also known as pop or fizzy drink, is a sweet, carbonated beverage made from water, sugar, and flavorings. These fizzy drinks are typically made by dissolving sugar in water and adding carbon dioxide pressurized gas under high pressure to create the signature fizz.

The question of whether or not soda can be frozen: Some people believe soda can be frozen and turned into a slushy-like substance. In contrast, others think that soda’s high sugar and carbonation content prevents it from freezing. So, can soda be frozen?

The answer is both yes and no. While it is technically possible to freeze soda, it is not as simple as just putting it in the freezer. In our guide, you can learn more about how long does it take soda to freeze and what happens if you leave it to freeze to a solid state.

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By the end, you’ll see how long does it take to freeze soda and how you can use this time to make a refreshing Mountain Dew slush before it is frozen solid. (Learn How Long Does Custard Last)

What Happens When Freezing Soda?

The freezing point of soda is lower than that of pure water due to the sugar and other dissolved solids it contains. However, the high carbonation content of soda can make it more difficult to freeze, as the gas needs to be able to escape as the liquid expands during the freezing process.

If the soda is sealed in a container that does not allow the gas to escape, it can cause the container to explode as the water in the soda container expands during freezing.

Therefore, while it is possible to freeze soda, it is important to be cautious and carefully follow the proper steps to do so safely, especially if using a glass container that could harm if the soda explodes.

Science of Frozen Soda Cans and Containers

Soda water, mixed with flavors, is known as pop or a carbonated beverage, typically made from water, a sweetener, and natural or artificial flavors.

How freezing temperatures affect soda:

At freezing temperatures, the water molecules in soda begin to form ice crystals. However, the presence of sugar and other solutes in the soda can lower the freezing point of the water, making it more difficult for the soda to freeze solid.

As the freezing temperature drops, the higher water content in the soda will freeze the water molecules, eventually leading to a slushy texture. If the regular soda freezes in the freezer long enough, it will eventually freeze solid, although the exact time it takes will depend on the sugar content and other factors.

Carbon dioxide plays an essential role in the freezing of soda.

When the pressure of the carbon dioxide in the soda is reduced, such as when a bottle or can of soda is opened, the gas begins to escape. This causes a decrease in carbon dioxide, which affects the soda and the ability to freeze.

As the carbon dioxide gas decreases, the soda is less carbonated, and the soda water can freeze quickly. (Read Can You Freeze Artichokes)

Effects of sugar on freezing:

The sugar content of soda can also affect its ability to freeze. The higher the sugar content, the lower the freezing point of the water in the soda. This means sodas with a higher sugar content will be less likely to freeze solid than those with a lower sugar content.

However, it is essential to note that the presence of sugar in soda can also affect the texture of the frozen. A few factors may contribute to diet sodas freezing differently than regular sodas.

One factor is the sugar content. Regular sodas often have a higher sugar content than diet sodas, and the presence of sugar can lower the freezing point of the liquid. This means that regular sodas may remain in a liquid state at slightly lower temperatures than diet sodas.

Another factor is the carbonation level. Highly carbonated sodas may have a lower freezing point than those with lower carbonation levels.

This is because the carbon dioxide in the soda occupies space within the liquid, creating pressure and lowering the freezing point. Overall, the exact freezing point of a particular soda will depend on its specific formulation, including its sugar and carbonation levels.

If you try this, you may have a different result with diet soda as the sugar content is different.

Can You Freeze Soda in Cans or Bottles?

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One option is to freeze soda in cans, which can be convenient for storing and transporting.

However, there are some potential downsides to consider.

Cans are made of thin aluminum and can burst or explode, leading to a messy clean-up when water freezes and cola liquid water expands. Another option is to freeze soda in bottles, which can be made of glass or plastic.

Glass bottles are more resistant to bursting when frozen, but a glass bottle can still break if the liquid expands too much. A plastic bottle is more flexible, but it can also become brittle in the cold temperatures of a freezer and may crack the bottle and cause a mess.

Regardless of the type of container, it is essential to leave some space for the soda to expand as it freezes. This can be achieved by only filling the container about ¾ of the way full or by using a larger container that allows for more headspace.

It is also a good idea to check periodically. It freezes to monitor the pressure and avoid any unexpected explosions as you enjoy your can of frozen diet coke on a hot day rather than drinking warm soda. 

Making Frozen Soda at Home

There are several ways to freeze soda at home, depending on the amount you want to freeze and the available equipment. One option is to use ice cube trays or small plastic soda bottles to freeze small amounts of soda.

To do this, pour the soda into the ice cube tray or plastic bottle and place it in the freezer. The soda will take several hours to freeze, and the resulting ice cube tray or frozen mini-bottles can be used to make homemade slushies or added to drinks to keep them cold.

Can you freeze Coke using dry ice? Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide that is extremely cold (-109.3°F or -78.5°C) and can quickly freeze large amounts of soda such as Pepsi or Coca Cola.

For freezing soda, place a block of dry ice in a large container and pour it over it. The soda freezes within minutes, creating a slushy texture. Can soda freeze with liquid nitrogen? This is another option for quickly freezing soda.

It is a cryogenic liquid with a temperature of -320°F (-195.8°C) and is commonly used in scientific laboratories and industrial settings.

To freeze soda with liquid nitrogen, pour it into a container and slowly add the liquid nitrogen while stirring the mixture. The soda will chill to freeze instantly, creating a smooth, slushy texture.

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How To Thaw Frozen Soda

You must consider the best thawing method for your frozen beverage to maintain its taste and fizz. One option is to leave the frozen soda at room temperature until thawed. However, this takes a long time and may result in the soda bottle losing its carbonation.

Another option is to place the frozen soda in the refrigerator to thaw, which will help to preserve the bubbles but may alter the taste slightly because of the lower temperature. Most soda cans are designed to hold a certain amount of pressure from the carbonation of the soda.

This pressure can cause the soda cans can to bulge or expand if it exceeds the maximum capacity of the can. Regardless of how you thaw them, a can could have split, and you don’t notice until you see a mess in your refrigerator. (Read Can You Freeze Deviled Eggs)

Making a Cup of Slushy At Home

A blender and a few essential ingredients are required to produce a homemade slushy:

The blender should first have roughly 2 cups of ice. Both crushed ice and ice cubes are acceptable.

Add approximately 1 cup of your favorite soda next. Any soda will work; however, some people like their slushies with citrus-flavored sodas. To give your slushy a bit more sweetness, add a few tablespoons of sugar or sweetener.

Blend the ingredients on high when the ice is completely broken up, and the mixture has a slushy consistency. You can add a bit more soda to thin down the mixture if it is too thick. You can add more ice if it’s too thin to make it wider.

Pour the slushy into a glass once you’ve achieved the proper consistency and indulge!

Keep the excess in the fridge, and it will maintain its texture.

Can You Freeze Soda

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