How To Make Hamburger Helper Without Milk

The great thing about hamburger helper is that it has many health benefits. It makes a nutritionally balanced meal by combining various necessary components, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Moreover, Hamburger Helper contains salt in the range of 580 mg up to 981.8 mg, which aids in fluid balance in the body.

Milk is one of the most important components to have on hand when making Hamburger Helper. If you didn’t know, any milk gives the food a creamy and thick texture. Aside from that, it also enhances the flavor of the sauce. Now, the question is, can a hamburger helper be made without milk?

Continue reading because we will give everything you have to know about the finest milk replacements for Hamburger Helper in this article. (Read Kraft Mac And Cheese Butter Substitute)

Hamburger Helper

Is It Possible To Make Hamburger Helper Without Using Milk?

The quick answer is yes; you can make your Hamburger Helper without using milk. As previously said, one of the functions of milk in cuisine is to provide a creamy texture while also adding flavor. Furthermore, milk is a key source of protein, which is an essential ingredient in Hamburger Helper.

Since the pantry staple can be made without milk, the question is how to keep the meal’s creamy texture and delicious flavor?

Alternatives Instead of Using Milk In Hamburger Helper

1. Cream Cheese

If you don’t have any milk, you can make Hamburger Helper with a pack of Cream Cheese, which is a really basic ingredient.

You can use cream cheese instead of milk if you are lactose intolerant. If your recipe needs 3 cups of water and one-half cup of milk, then follow it.

You can also use a ¼ cup of cream cheese and a ¼ of water instead of using half a cup of milk. Now, this mixture is best for your recipe!

Various amounts of water, milk, and other ingredients are required for each flavor of Hamburger Helper.

To preserve the 1/4 cup of cream cheese to about 1/4 cup of water, where a one-half cup of milk is required, use it for every flavor that a Hamburger Helper needs.

2. Cream

Hamburger Helper is made with 4 percent cow’s milk and is intended to be used with it. If you’re lactose intolerant, there’s a type of cream that can help you fix your problem when you’re out of milk. (Read Can You Freeze Pastrami)

Using cream instead of milk in Hamburger Helper gives the sauce a creamier and thick texture. As a result, using cream instead of milk in this meal results in a dish that is exceptionally has a light and rich texture.

3. Yogurt with Sour Cream

Sour cream is known to be a dairy product made by fermenting normal cream with specific lactic acid bacteria strains.

It’s often used as a condiment on a variety of cuisines and a dipping or main sauce when combined with the remaining ingredients.

Sour cream is used to make sauces thicker and even soups. This is to make them thick and creamier. Milk lends a creamy flavor to Hamburger Helper, which can be accomplished using sour yogurt cream.

So, instead of using milk, you can use sour cream in the Hamburger Helper.


4. Mayonnaise

A mixture of egg yolk, oil, and acids, such as lemon or vinegar, makes mayonnaise. For more flavorings, a variety of various varieties are used.

If you don’t have any milk, mayonnaise can be substituted. To make Hamburger Helper, put two tablespoons of your chosen mayonnaise.

It contributes to the dish’s creamy and smooth texture. If you don’t have any milk, putting mayonnaise will assist.

5. Water and Evaporated Milk

In the making of Hamburger Helper, evaporated milk works well as a substitute for milk. You can replace milk with a mixture of an equal amount of evaporated milk and water.

If you’re using a half cup amount of evaporated milk, you’ll also need a half cup amount of water. You might not be able to enjoy your dish simply by adding plain water.

Putting water into the sauce will not give a flavorful and creamy texture. Evaporated milk aids in the creation of a creamy and heavy texture that can be achieved by adding milk.

As a result, the ideal substitute for milk is evaporated milk mixed with water.

6. Dry Nonfat Type of Milk

Dry milk is powdered milk after the liquid has been removed. Water is removed in pasteurized fat-free milk to make a bottle of non-fat dry milk. Heat treatment is used and added by the evaporation process, and the last step, spray drying.

It has a pure dairy flavor and is white to bright cream. It’s made by skimming the water out of pasteurized milk.

Most bakers use dry milk instead of the necessarily required milk. Simply combine water and non-fat dried milk, then whisk until completely dissolved. And now your milk is all set to drink.

The flavor of dry milk is similar to that of ordinary milk. Because of this, you can use it to replace the milk in your Hamburger Helper.

7. Almond Milk

Almond milk is an excellent non-dairy substitute for milk in for a Hamburger Helper if you’re seeking a non-dairy option.

Ground almonds and a cup of water are the basic ingredients in almond milk. It’s prepared by blending ground almonds with a cup of water and then squeezing out the pulp.

This type of milk has a nutty flavor because of the nuts and a smooth and light creamy texture. It’s also used tea, coffee, smoothies, sweets, and baked goods to substitute pure cow’s milk.

Almond milk is the best option for a rich and thick substitute that will give your food a creamy feel.

8. Milk made from coconut

Coconut milk is the recent non-dairy kind of milk on the market. This is a perfect option when you want a creamy and healthy recipe.

The flesh of coconuts and water are used to make it. Coconut milk is created by combining water with the flesh of coconut that has been grated.

Coconut milk has a sweet flavor and a thick texture with a hint of coconut. Because it has a thick texture, you can simply replace the milk in a recipe so that the finished meal does not have a watery texture. (Learn How Long Can Mashed Potatoes Stay In Fridge)

To conclude, depending on the recipe of Hamburger Helper, you can use coconut milk as milk.

9. Butter

Instead of milk, butter can be used in a Hamburger Helper recipe. Food gets the flavor and texture it needs from butter.

But how do you use butter in your Hamburger Helper? You must prepare Hamburger Helper according to the package steps or instructions. When making Hamburger Helper, you can put water because this can be substituted for milk.

After cooking, add a quarter stick of butter to every one pack of Hamburger Helper. You may also add it while the meal is cooking, but make sure it doesn’t burn or overcook in the pan; otherwise, the result will be unpleasant.

For every cup of milk needed in the recipe, use a cup of water and 1 to 1/2 tablespoons of butter.

Because butter has a salty flavor and Hamburger Helper also has a salty taste, keep the amount of salt in mind while adding butter to the Helper.

10. Margarine

Margarine is a dairy-free alternative to butter. It only has a buttery flavor. Some people have succeeded in substituting margarine instead of milk. You’ll adore this margarine as a milk alternative if you like Hamburger Helper with a buttery flavor.

For every cup of milk needed in the recipe, simply add a cup of plain water and 1 to 1/2 teaspoons of margarine. As a result, using margarine will give the Hamburger Helper a smooth and creamy texture.

11. Wine That Is Red in Color

You can substitute it for the milk if you have wine on hand. Let’s say you have a beef Hamburger Helper. With a few steps, you can add wine to it.

Tenderize mushrooms, onions, and carrots in a skillet. After removing all of the ingredients, it is now time to cook brown ground beef.

Season the meat with dried thyme and no salt because the pack already has a lot of salt. Put the vegetables again into the skillet and add one cup of red wine to taste.

Lessen the wine if you can see it is almost dry, then add the spice packet from Hamburger Helper you have bought and replace the milk with water in an equal amount.

Cook until the sauce becomes heavier and thick, then stir in two tablespoons of smooth butter. You can try this exciting flavor with red wine if you’re out of milk.

12. Broth/stock

Bone stock is prepared by slowly boiling bones in water. Bones of animals, seafood, meat, or vegetables can be simmered in wine or water for a long time to make a stock.

It’s used to make sauces, soups, and gravies, among other things. Isn’t it a fantastic opportunity to test it out?

You can use broth soup that matches the flavor of Hamburger Helper. You can use chicken broth if your Hamburger Helper is chicken flavor. If you want a beef flavor of Hamburger Helper, you will have to add beef stock soup.

If you run out of milk in your kitchen, adding this broth and stocks to your meal works pretty well.

Replacing milk for Hamburger Helper recipe is not that challenging. If you don’t have milk on in your kitchen, there are plenty of milk substitute listed above to satisfy your hunger. Just make sure that the flavor matches your hamburger helper.

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