How To Reheat Taco Bell Burrito

Taco Bell burritos are delicious meals that can be enjoyed fresh or as leftovers. However, reheating them can be tricky because you want to keep the tortilla soft and the cheese inside melted without drying the meat and beans.

Luckily, there are different ways to reheat fresh ones of the burrito or hard tacos to give you a satisfying result. Some of the best ways to reheat taco bell burritos are an oven, toaster oven, air fryer, grill, and microwave.

Each method has its own pros and cons depending on how much time you have, how crunchy you like your tortilla, and how evenly you want to heat all the ingredients. In this article, we will explain each method in detail and give you some tips on properly reheating taco bell burrito.

Whether you have one burrito or a dozen, you can use these methods to reheat your taco bell burrito and enjoy a delicious burrito anytime. (Learn How Long Does Beyond Meat Last In The Fridge)

Ways To Reheat Taco Bell Burritos

Before You Reheat Your Taco Bell Leftovers

Although reheating Taco Bell isn’t tricky, you should know a few tactics and recommendations to create a delectable supper with your leftovers. To set the setting for the greatest outcome, you must first know how to keep leftover Taco Bell tacos before reheating them.

The best action is to wrap salsa and sour cream individually and keep any leftovers in an airtight container. If you store the leftovers in the refrigerator, remember that they may not be suitable for consumption after two days.

Another excellent suggestion is to separate all of the taco’s ingredients and reheat them in groups, using the best method for each ingredient. Although it may seem like a lot of work and is not as simple as simply reheating the entire taco in the microwave, doing it this way can yield the best results.

Most importantly, you can take the meat, beans, and fresh toppings off a Taco Bell taco shell and just reheat the taco shells. After reheating them, you can add all the ingredients that need to be hot and reheat them for an additional period.

Following that, it’s only a matter of returning all the fresh ingredients. For burritos, the ideal method for reheating a taco bell burrito is to take out the fresh ingredients and warm up everything else.

When you want to reheat a taco bell bean burrito, separating the ingredients works quite well. Taco Bell leftovers can be heated in a few different ways, and which one is ideal for you will mostly rely on your requirements in the end.

Different Ways To Reheat Taco Bell Burritos

If you have leftover Taco bell burritos or purposely bought more to enjoy later, reheat them to get the best. While reheating Taco Bell Tacos takes more effort, it is more straightforward to reheat taco bell burrito dinners.

Reheat Taco Bell Burrito in Microwave

Reheat Taco In Microwave

The quickest and most efficient way to reheat a Taco Bell burrito is in the microwave. However, because microwaved taco shells get too mushy and excessively dry, it might not always be the best way to prepare them.

You can use an inverter microwave to stop this. Use a microwave bowl to reheat hard shell tacos and place a damp paper towel on top. This will allow the microwave to absorb moisture from the wet paper towel. Reheat your taco meat on the stove first, then in the microwave, for best results. (Learn How Long Does Tuna Last In The Fridge)

How to Reheat Taco Bell in Microwave:

One of the quicker ways to reheat your Taco Bell burrito is in the microwave, which only needs 3 to 4 minutes. Even if you’re in a rush or need to eat on the go, you may revive your delectable burrito with this technique.

When using the microwave to reheat your Taco Bell burrito, it’s critical to understand that you can lose in quality if you gain in speed. It may not be the best way to reheat Taco Bell burritos, as burritos could be soggy after reheating in the microwave.

Also, reheating many burritos in the microwave might not be the best idea. Consider using the oven if you cook over two or three things simultaneously. This solution eliminates the need to wrap your burritos in aluminum foil, which would be a serious safety risk when reheating soft tacos.

Just remove all the fresh ingredients and products before you microwave your burrito.

  1. Put your Taco Bell burrito on a paper towel or microwave-safe dish to reheat a Taco Bell in the microwave. Adjust the power setting of your microwave to 50%.
  2. Once you’ve adjusted your microwave, place the desired Taco Bell burritos on a microwave-safe plate. Your burritos should be uniformly spread apart on the microwave-safe bowl before placing them in the microwave and covering them with a wet paper cloth.
  3. Your Taco Bell burritos should be heated for 3 to 4 minutes before being turned over in the reheating process. After this time, if they are still not fully heated, heat them for an additional 30 seconds at a time.
  4. Before serving, let the burritos cool for a minute. If you need to reheat your burrito quickly and cannot access an air fryer, try this option.

Safety: Is your burrito wrapped in aluminum foil already? You’ll need to remove the aluminum foil, which can spark inside the microwave.

Reheat Taco Bell Burrito in Air Fryer

How To Reheat Taco Bell Burrito in Air Fryer?

Air fryers are among the best ways to reheat soft tacos. It offers excellent results and rapid reheating. This approach requires less than five minutes and does not sacrifice quality.

The air fryer is not the best appliance if you want to reheat many Taco Bell burritos or reheat tacos at once for a delicious meal. Because only one burrito can generally fit in an air fryer at once, reheating a large quantity is time-consuming and ineffective.

  1. Turn on your air fryer and set the high temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to heat your Taco Bell burrito.
  2. Wrap your tortilla in aluminum foil and place it on parchment paper after removing any cold ingredients.
  3. The burrito you wish to reheat should be put inside your air fryer once it has been heated up, and it should cook there for 3–4 minutes.

Air frying is the best way to reheat all the ingredients for a single Taco Bell burrito at a time. It is quick and straightforward and prevents your tortilla from getting mushy while reheating. Ensure it is properly heated before serving, and then add your cold ingredients back.

If you have an air fryer in your kitchen, chances are good that you will use it frequently. A fantastic way to use it is to reheat leftovers like Taco Bell burritos!

Is A Toaster Oven The Best Way To Reheat Taco Bell Burrito

Many people may want to maintain quality without sacrificing time when reheating a Taco Bell Burrito. If you have a lot of hunger on your hands and little time, consider reheating with a toaster oven.

This method is very similar to reheating a Taco Bell Burrito in the oven, only that it does not require as long to preheat or cook. A toaster oven may be preheated considerably more quickly than a normal oven due to its smaller size.

Preheating in the toaster oven will not work for over two or three Taco Bell Burritos at most because of the size. So, if you want to reheat a portion of a leftover Taco Bell party pack, this may not be the best method.

  1. Remove all fresh ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, and other produce that will be negatively affected by reheating.
  2. Start by preheating the toaster oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for reheating a Taco Bell burrito.
  3. While waiting for it to preheat, wrap your desired number of burritos in aluminum foil. Place the wrapped burritos at an even distance on a baking sheet that is small enough to fit into your toaster oven.
  4. Place the baking sheet of burritos into the preheated toaster oven. Allow them to reheat for 7-10 minutes, cooling for an additional two before eating.

Reheating with a toaster oven is an easy way to maintain the high quality of your Taco Bell burrito without sacrificing as much time as you would with an oven. If you only need a few burritos heated in a hurry, this may be your method. (Learn How To Heat Pastrami)

Can You Reheat Taco Bell In Big Oven?

One of the best ways to preserve the flavor and texture of the tortilla and all the ingredients in your Taco Bell burrito is to reheat it in the oven.

  1. Start by reheating your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Then take out all fresh ingredients from the tortilla aside from the beans, rice, meat, and cheese.
  3. Rewrap your burrito after adding the last few ingredients.
  4. To best preserve, your tortilla, wrap your burrito with aluminum foil.
  5. Put the burrito in an oven-safe dish after wrapping it in aluminum foil.
  6. For fifteen to twenty minutes, bake your burrito in the oven. Allow your burrito to chill three to four minutes after reheating before serving.

You can reheat several Taco Bell burritos at once using this method, which is fantastic. If half of a party pack is left, you can easily fit all those burritos into the oven to reheat simultaneously.

The time it takes is the sole drawback of this method. You will need to reheat the burrito or burritos for up to twenty minutes, besides the time to preheat your oven.

This might not be the ideal method if you need your Taco Bell to reheat quickly.

Reheat Taco Bell Burrito on Stove

Reheat Taco on Stove

Reheating tacos on the stove using a frying pan, skillet, or non-stick pan is easy. You may reheat a hard taco shell here besides Taco Bell tacos.

To prevent receiving tacos with raw meat, this method needs careful observation.

Here are the methods to reheat taco leftovers on a stove:

  1. Remove any fresh ingredients from the taco bell tacos or taco shells, such as tomatoes, shredded cheese, and onions.
  2. Set away additional toppings, such as sour cream and guacamole, for reheating. This will lessen the likelihood that your food will taste bad after reheating.
  3. Set aside the primary ingredients, which can be meat or beans.
  4. Reheating the ingredients in a different pan is the next step.
  5. Over low to medium heat, place a non-stick pan on the stove.
  6. Drizzle a little oil over it to prevent taco bells from sticking to the heated pan’s surface.
  7. After that, add the taco shell to the pan and give it some time to reheat for a few minutes on one side.
  8. To reheat, turn the taco on its side.
  9. You can cover the pan for quicker reheating, but be careful not to burn the shell.
  10. The next step to eliminate hazardous bacteria is to reheat the primary ingredients, such as beans or meat.
  11. Put the filling back in your Taco bell shell or burrito, and enjoy your delicious meal if the other ingredients
    have been thoroughly reheated.


While best eaten fresh, you can enjoy these tacos no matter how they are reheated. Be it on a baking tray in the oven, a toaster oven, air fryers, or a microwave.

Hard shell tacos are best with a crunchy texture, yet you can go one step further than the above for your burritos. (Read Can You Heat Almond Milk)

If you have a grill, keep it at medium heat and place it on your burrito. You get everything warmed, and the grill delivers a nice smoky flavor to the burrito and cheese.

How to Reheat Taco Bell Burrito


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