Weston Vs. Lem Meat Grinder

For those who prefer freshly ground food, a meat grinder is one of the essential pieces of kitchen equipment. Using this meat grinder, you can make sausages and burgers with flavor and a better texture than store-bought.

Making the best decision regarding the type and brand to buy, especially when making a first purchase, might not be as simple. While you won’t need a commercial grinder, you will find the ones to use at home are heavyweight.

Getting the right one is crucial for processing meat, and two of the biggest names are Weston and Lem. In our guide, we compare Lem meat grinders, 32″ and other sizes, against Weston 22″ meat grinder and their alternatives. By the end of our Lem Vs. Weston guide, you’ll be able to see which is the best option for stuffing sausage. (Learn How Do You Know If Jicama Is Bad)

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Meat Grinders From LEM Products

Mighty Bite is the name of the LEM meat grinder’s regular or standard product line. This is the economy series that can cater to most customers. However, you could find the quality of the products falls short of your expectations. For example, there are only one or two smaller-sized meat grinders in the economy series.

LEM Big Bite Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

This is the premium meat grinder range for this Big Bite series. This series has five different meat grinder sizes: #5, #8, #12, #22, and #32. The smallest in this series is the #5 Big Bite meat grinder; however, despite the small size, it can easily carry out demanding tasks.

The maximum speed for your home grinding projects is 240 lbs. per hour. Yet, because of the smaller-sized feeding tube, you’ll need to cut your pork butt meat into smaller pieces. You may find the LEM grinder #8 Big Bite a better solution as it comes with a more powerful motor and grinding speed of tough meats like pork and venison mix at about 360 lbs. per hour.

If location is important, and you wish to know where are LEM meat grinders made? With the DIY hunter and home processor in mind, Harrison, Ohio-based LEM produces high-quality meat-processing & production equipment and supplies—all at affordable prices. LEM Products provides a wide range of processing tools, including meat dehydrators, meat mixers, and grinders.

What Is a Weston Meat Grinder?

Weston has three different series of meat grinders – regular, butcher series, and pro series. Butcher and pro are both premium meat grinders. Pro series is equivalent to LEM Big Bite, so it makes sense to look more at the Pro series.

Weston Pro is made of stainless steel. Unlike LEM Big Bite, it does not start with #5. Therefore, if you need the petite size of the Weston premium meat grinder, then you need to choose #8.

The next better and more extensive option is the #12 pro meat grinder, which has a more powerful motor with a 540 lbs. per hour maximum output speed. If you want almost commercial-grade service, and need to be sure you can grind bones, then you can choose any of the #22 or #32 from the Weston Pro meat grinder that offers metal gears rather than plastic gears you find manufacturers putting in some models. (Read Dried Oregano Vs Oregano Leaves)

LEM And Weston Comparison

Here you can find the comparison of these meat grinders and which one comes out on top for each category.

Reverse Function:

It is an essential factor for regular meat grinders with a weaker motor. The reverse function is less important to discuss because the meat will occasionally become stuck as we compare the premium series of LEM and Weston.

LEM Big Bite, however, does not provide a reverse function. This function is only available in Weston Pro for #22 and #32.



When you feed the meat into the grinder, it is a crucial step. With a bigger throat, Weston triumphs in this area, and you are not limited to feeding small batches.

Motor Power & Grinding Speed

A mighty motor and a high grinding speed are features of both series. No one is the winner or the loser. Both are nearly identical.

Bone Grinding:

While all grinders of Weston and LEM are more than capable of grinding bones, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers sizes #12 to #32 for LEM and then #22 to #32 for Weston.


The Weston and LEM brands’ meat grinders boast a long shelf life and are incredibly durable. They are constructed from high-quality materials, and the stainless steel, which doesn’t rust, is used for all metal parts, such as the grinding plate.


Depending on the amount of meat processing you want, you have a wide range of options from Weston and LEM. The Weston has 4 models in its Pro series, while LEM has 5 models in its “Big Bite” series. So you have a wonderful selection of meat grinders there. (Read What Does 2 Ounces Of Turkey Look Like)

Weston and LEM Meat Grinder Differences

After looking at samples from the product line to see the comparison, it is good to highlight the differences.


When you contrast every meat grinder model on both brands with their corresponding set of “numbers.” The Weston #8 outperforms the LEM in terms of power, with a power output of 0.5HP compared to 0.75HP for the LEM. As this trend is carried through the models, the Weston meat grinder outperforms the LEM.

Reverse Function:

We found that only the Weston meat grinder has the reverse function, which moves the meat grinder’s gears in the opposite direction when the tube becomes clogged. The Weston meat grinder is the one for you if you like this feature because the fat and connective tissues from the meat and deer bones could tangle in the gears and clog it up.

Continuous Feed

With the Continuous Feed feature, you can grind meat for a long time without using the meat stomper to push the meat down; instead, the gears automatically pull the meat chunks into the tube and grind them. The LEM has a continuous feed feature that makes grinding meat simple and quick, unlike the Weston meat grinder, which requires you to keep pushing the meat as you stuff the feed tube. This feature makes up for the LEM meat grinders’ lack of “reverse.”

Bone Grinding

Maybe you just want to make some incredibly rich bone broth if you have to grind bones for any reason. The Weston and LEM meat grinders can grind bones, but only if the bones are soft and easily breakable such as Chicken, rabbit, and perhaps ribs (Pork and Beef). Not all the models can grind bones, but for Weston, the #22 and #32 can, according to the user’s manual. While the LEM’s models #12, #22, and #32 can grind bones.



Regarding each model, the Weston should be the best option with a limited budget because the LEM is the more expensive.

Comparison of Examples of Lem vs. Weston Meat Grinder

Since we’ve seen different brands, it’s time to look at other areas regarding these grinders.

Weston Pro Series #8 Meat Grinder

You won’t ever need to oil it while you own it because it is permanently lubricated.

Power: 0.75HP/560 Watts.

  • This grinder can grind up to three to six pounds of beef meat and fat, among others.
  • Because of the non-slip rubber underneath, it won’t move while you’re using it.
  • If your knives become dull, it has a built-in “knife sharpener.”
  • Includes a kit for stuffing sausages.
  • Easy to clean stainless steel body, unlike other brands.

Weston Pro Series #12 Meat Grinder

This is an upgrade from the previous model and is more expensive. However, it is slightly more potent than #8 and completes more work faster.

  • It is permanently lubricated.
  • Power: 1HP/750 Watts.
  • It grinds 6-10 pounds of meat per minute.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Comes with two stainless steel plates, one coarse and fine.
  • Sausage stuffing kit.

Weston pro series #22 meat grinder

  • Permanently lubricated
  • Power: 1.5HP/1120 Watts.
  • Grind up to 15 pounds of meat per minute.
  • Ultra-Quiet.
  • Reverse Mode.
  • Sausage stuffing kit.

Weston pro series #32 meat grinder

Top of the range and the most powerful.

  • Power: 2HP/1500 Watts.
  • Ultra-Quiet when in use.
  • Sausage stuffing kit.
  • Grind 21 pounds of meat per minute.
  • Can grind bones if soft like Chicken.

LEM Meat Grinders

The “Big Bite” line of meat grinders, which has about five products in the series, is comparable to the Pro series we just reviewed. Like Weston, the #5, #8, #12, #22, and #32 are used to identify them. (Read Can I Make Hamburger Helper Without Milk)

LEM Big Bite #5 Meat Grinder

It is incredibly portable and the first in the series. It is designed for kitchen tops in residential buildings; it grinds on a small scale but completes the task quickly and effectively.

  • Power: 0.35 HP.
  • Permanently lubricated motor.
  • Included stainless steel sharpener.
  • Integrated circuit breaker for a power surge.
  • Tray for placing meat.
  • Grind 4 pounds of meat per minute.

LEM Big Bite #8 Meat Grinder

This meat grinder, an improved and slightly larger version of #5, is much more effective than the earlier design. Additionally, it has ultra-quiet gears that enable the grinder to operate effectively and quietly.

  • Power: 0.5HP.
  • Ultra-Quiet Gears.
  • Storage drawer underneath the grinder head.
  • Large pan for meat.
  • The motor is permanently lubricated.
  • Grinds 5-8 pounds of meat per minute.

LEM Big Bite #12 Meat Grinder

This represents a significant improvement in grinding power, but it is eerily like the previous model in size and dimensions.

  • Power: 0.75HP.
  • Sausage stuffing kit.
  • Stainless steel plate.
  • Quieter gears.
  • Larger throat.
  • Meat stomper.
  • Grind up to 11 pounds of meat in a minute.

LEM Big Bite #22 Meat Grinder

Compared to the earlier models, this is very effective for grinding meat on a larger scale.

  • Power: Heavy duty 1HP.
  • Knife sharpening station.
  • Meat stomper.
  • Sausage stuffing kit.
  • Three grinding blades; coarse, fine, and medium.
  • Larger meat pan.

LEM Big Bite #32 Meat Grinder

This is the last and most potent meat grinder in this collection; its efficiency can be used in a restaurant to grind meat on a large scale. Very pricey but well worth it.

  • Power: Heavy-duty 1.5HP motor.
  • Handguard, so your chunks of meat don’t end up on the floor.
  • Quiet grinding gears.
  • Permanently lubricated motor and internal components.
  • Meat stomper.
  • Sausage stuffing tube and kit.
  • Excellent choice than to a 5-year warranty.
  • All accessories and grinding heads are made from stainless steel.
  • Various-sized stuffing tubes and auger designs.

Which Is The Best Meat Grinder?

There’s a meat grinder for every need. For example, the Weston grinder offers great benefits to hunters who want to grind bones and meat for their pets daily. The Weston grinder’s reverse function prevents clogging, and the machine works longer without cooling.

The LEM meat grinder is smaller, has lower noise levels, and has big bite technology. This kitchen combo is better and can grind bones, but it’s not warranted if doing so. Now, you can see more about these meat grinders and the different models, so you know which way to get the best to meet your needs.

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