Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In The Bathtub

Imagine bringing in a healthy snack like an orange while taking a warm bath after a tiring day. It might sound perfect and relaxing, but what you thought was a harmless act could already be breaking the law. Yes, a law states it is illegal to eat an orange in the bathtub!

But before raising your eyebrows, know that this applies only in California. Read on to learn more about one of the strangest laws ever implemented in the Golden State that might surprise tourists and travelers. 

oranges in a bathtub

Why Is It Illegal to Eat an Orange in The Bathtub?

The law prohibiting people from eating an orange in a bathtub dates back to the 1920s. It was basically created to protect homeowners from the possible hazards of mixing oranges with oils. 

Back then, lawmakers and people believed that the citric acid of oranges could create a highly explosive mixture when mixed with natural bath oils. It makes sense since acid mixed with natural oils makes a fizzy effect, but making it illegal is a little over the top. 

The law is still very much in effect today since no one has ever repealed it. But there has been no news in recent years that the police arrested someone for eating oranges in a bathtub, so there’s no need to worry about it. It’s also best to keep things lowkey when it comes to this kind of situation, such as not posting photos or taking videos when you do it. You don’t want police officers hunting you down because of your carelessness! (Read Why Do Mushrooms Smell Like Fish)

Why You Should Not Eat Oranges in the Bathtub

The reason behind prohibiting eating oranges in the bathtub may have already been debunked, but there are other reasons why you should never do it. Here are just some:

It is unhygienic

You may have already seen people eating while enjoying a warm bath in the bathtub. But for obvious reasons, it is entirely unsafe and unhygienic. Bacteria quickly grow in wet and humid environments such as bathrooms and eating food, especially fruits, while bathing can make you ill.

It creates a mess

It’s almost inevitable to avoid creating a mess when eating, whether in the bathtub, the dining kitchen, or the living room. You don’t want your bathroom to appear all dirty just because you want to eat while taking a bath. You can always do it before or after your dip in the bathtub.

It can clog your bathtub

Some bathtubs have no protection in the drain, so when a portion of food falls off, it goes directly into it. Even if your bathtub has a protective barrier, it’s still prone to clogging when the seeds of oranges go through it. You don’t want to spend extra money on plumbing services because of your impulsiveness.

Other Uses of Oranges in the Bathtub

While it’s not recommended to eat oranges in the bathtub, there are other beneficial uses of oranges in your bath:

Orange’s smell helps with anxiety

Studies show that the orange scent positively affects physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It is because citrus fruits like oranges are rich in vitamin C, which calms our limbs. So, when you fill your bathroom with oranges or diffuse an orange scent, it instantly calms you down, decreases your stress levels, and lifts your mood.

Orange peels make a great body scrub

Orange peels have antibacterial properties that make them great body scrubs. Rubbing the peels on your skin can make your skin silky smooth since it removes the dead skin and softens it. Plus, it’s relatively cheaper than the ones sold in the malls!

Orange juice is good for the skin and mind

It is already known that when drunk, orange juice benefits our health. But it is just as helpful when you use it on your body while taking a bath and just let the juice flow and stimulate your senses. (Read Can Uncrustables Be Left Out)

Are There Other Strange Laws in California?

ice cream on cone

Yes, there are MORE of them. If you think that eating oranges in the bathtub is already a strange law in California, wait until you read these:

You cannot eat ice cream using a fork

If you’re out in public and want to eat ice cream in Rosemead, make sure you only use a spoon. Using a fork while eating this dessert is illegal in this city!

You can’t wear cowboy boots

In Blythe, you are not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless you are a cowboy. To be considered a cowboy, you must possess two or more cows and automatically be qualified to wear the much-coveted pair.

You cannot store anything apart from cars in your garage

Yes, keeping anything apart from your vehicles in your home garage in Long Beach and San Francisco is illegal. While this might be a weird law, it is a wise move. The law exists to solve the parking problems the cities face.

More Strange Laws in the United States That Will Amuse You

Other than California, many other strange laws also exist in other states that you might find weird and amusing:

Children are not allowed to build a giant snowman in Alaska

Children are only not allowed to make a huge snowman bigger than themselves if they are inside a school property. The logic behind this is that people might be unable to tell the difference between a snowman and a snow-covered child since snow in Alaska tends to be very heavy.

It is illegal to play dominoes on Sundays in Alabama

Yup, you cannot play dominoes on a Sunday in Alabama! The same rule applies to cards, race, and hunting as well. They don’t allow this kind of activity on Sundays because people are encouraged to spend time with their families rather than playing games.

No sending of unsolicited pizza in Louisiana

If you’re the type who loves surprising people with food, you might be fined with it in Louisiana. It will cost you a whopping $500 if you send an unsolicited pizza to anyone in the state.

No cursing allowed in Maryland

You should tone down your cursing when you’re in Maryland. A law in the state says it’s illegal to “profanely curse and swear or use obscene language upon or near any street, sidewalk or highway within the hearing of persons passing by, upon or along such street, sidewalk or highway.”

It is not allowed to eat chicken with a fork in Georgia

If you think not allowing people to eat ice cream with a fork is already a strange law, another law is just as bizarre in Georgia. It is illegal in the state to eat fried chicken with a fork, to the point that someone who once did it got arrested. Yes, they’re that serious about this law! (Read Can I Use Almond Milk In Hamburger Helper)


Technically, the law banning eating oranges in the bathtub still exists in California, but you may never be found guilty of it. Just remember that the bathroom is not an ideal place to eat fruits and other kinds of food, and the law is merely a reminder to establish a boundary between these two.

So, no matter how much an orange lover you are, resist the urge to eat oranges in the bathtub for safety and hygienic purposes.

Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In The Bathtub

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